Saturday, 26 February 2011

NEW BLOG - Coming Soon!

So I know I've only just begun my blogging adventure here on blogspot, but in the last couple of days something VERY exciting has started progressing which means that my blog will be moving somewhere new! Until it's all sorted I'm not going to reveal any more details but it will be something fun and new for everyone, especially me as I'm not too technologically advanced! Tiz (my long-suffering boyfriend and web buff) is sorting it all out for me and I will hopefully be revealing all soon!

Thank you so much to everyone who has started following me on here, and to everyone who has got involved with comments etc - I hope you'll love the new arrangement as much as I do!

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox

Friday, 25 February 2011

ELF Lipstick, Liquid Eyeliner and Brushes Review

I've been a fan of ELF for a little while now; their products are cheap and cheerful, with no signs of 'corner-cutting' to make them so. I've done an ELF haul video on my YouTube channel before, and wanted to host this one on my blog. I received a lovely little package in the post this morning (very quickly too, I must say!) which contained four products that I had purchased: the ELF Lipstick in Classy, the Black Liquid Eyeliner, the Crease Brush and the Blending Brush. I had been happy with my order the moment I clicked 'Checkout' on the website, but didn't realise quite how impressed I would be with the products when they arrived.

First of all, the Lipstick in Classy. I had previously purchased the same lipstick in the shade 'Gypsy' and had expected it to be slightly more pigmented. However, with 'Classy' sheer was what I was after, and sheer was what I got. Being a blondie, heavy baby-pink lipstick might render me ever-so-slightly Barbie-ish (which is most definitely a look I cannot and do not want to rock) so this was perfect for me. And at £1.50, how could you ever complain!

Now you guys know me - I will never give a product undue credit. Some may say I even enjoy criticising products (which isn't true; I'm just honest). I can, hand on heart, say that this is the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used in my life. The consistency is damn-near perfect; the brush is heavenly and its £1.bloody.50. I have paid nearly 10 times that for a previous favourite and if you removed the labels I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Fantastic. 5 stars ELF!

Now, I think I'm going to need a lie down after this next section; I'm not very well acquainted with such massive product positivity all at once. I move on to the ELF Blending Brush. I've been after this for a good while and once it was back in stock I jumped at the chance to get it. The bristles feel as resilient and sculpted as any high-end brand I've used. I roughly ran the brush over my hand to see if there was any movement or splaying from the bristles; nope, they pinged right back to where they were meant to be. I shall say it again - all this for £1.50. The brush is easy to hold and work with and I nothing short of love it. Could this get any better?

Yes, it can actually! My final purchase, the ELF Crease Brush, is another pure gem. It is similar in features to the Blending Brush - tough but agile bristles, a perfect size and shape for its job and a joy to work with. Where else could you get four high-quality products for a grand total of £6.00? I'm really not sure, but I would like to know. Right, that's it, I must be due a rest from all this make up love!

So, in all seriousness I am incredibly impressed with this little lot from ELF. Here's the website link should you like to check them out: ELF UK for the UK site and ELF USA for our American pals. Hope you've enjoyed this!

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hair Look of the Day - 24/2/11

I'm not best known for my innovative hair styles (I have had the same blonde curtain of hair since I was 13) however today I was just in the mood to try something a bit different. My usual definition of 'different' when it comes to hair is putting a plain slide in my hair (I'm a maverick, I know). But today I wanted a bow. And not just any bow, but a Dolly Bow.

I first came across this little gem when I was browsing YouTube and came across a video on DollyBowBow (Kate)'s channel on YouTube. She makes and sells various pretty things, and one happened to be this delectable little item. I actually bought it a couple of months ago but it hasn't really found its way onto my head until relatively recently. Essentially, it is a length of thick wire inside a pouch of material (leopard print in this case) which you can bend and shape around your head and into a bow. I've normally worn it with my hair in a bun, but today I let my locks flow free (and wild).

I believe they're currently out of stock, but if you would like to buy one of these beauties, check out Kate's site: DOLLY BOW BOW - it states that there are more arriving early 2011 so keep checking back.

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

YouTube CONTEST - Celebrity Lookalike Makeover!

I wanted to post a lovely little blog-ette to accompany my new contest, so that you can all find the rules and extra details written down. If you haven’t yet seen my contest video, here’s a brief overview of what it’s all about!

I used to be an Avril Lavigne lookalike (years ago now!) so have always loved the idea of ‘celebrity lookalike makeovers’ – so that’s what I’m doing for my contest! I love the thought that you can transform yourself into someone else, even if its just for an hour or so, by using things like make up, hairstyling and clothing.

So, on with the details of the contest!

What Do I Have to Do?:

Using make up, hair styling/wig/other hairy methods and clothing (and anything else you can think of!) transform yourself into a lookalike of one of your favourite celebrities! The contest will be judged on how much you look like the celebrity after the makeover.

How to Enter:

You can enter in one of two ways. You can either post a video response to my original contest video (see the link above!) and the video can include you talking, or photos, or both! Alternatively, you can enter on Twitter by tweeting me a picture. Make sure you include your YouTube username and the celebrity you’re impersonating in your tweet.


The fabulous Anna, owner of the delicious boutique website Anna Lou of London is kindly sponsoring the contest! There will be 3 winners; 1st place will win a £30 voucher for the Anna Lou of London website, 2nd place a £20 voucher and 3rd place a £10 voucher.


  1. You must be a subscriber to my YouTube channel to enter!
  2. If you enter by Twitter, you must be a follower and a subscriber.
  3. The video/photo must be of you and you must have done the makeover
  4. You must be 16 years old or have your parent’s permission

Extra Info:

The contest is open internationally!
It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy, you can still enter.

The DEADLINE is: Wednesday 16th March at Midnight UK TIME!

I’m so excited to see your entries, and good luck!

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My Stance on Vintage Clothing...

Vintage and retro clothing has made a comeback into the fashion world. It has accompanied the ‘shabby chic’ trend over the past year or so, providing the younger generations with the chance to try out trends from before their time whilst allowing more mature fashionistas to dig out old gems. Whilst some get the vintage look spot on every time, others would look more at home sitting at a bus stop eating mint imperials with the other OAPs.
A favourite vintage item of mine - vintage handbag customised by Call Girl Clothing

Being a University student, I couldn't really escape the vintage comeback. For the past year and a half I've been surrounded by vintage clothing fares, sales and shops, and its wide availability is reflected by almost every other student you see. I can’t deny that some of them look great – what they are wearing suits them; this is my key point. For every person that looks good in vintage, there is one who looks less than wonderful. By observing, however loosely, a few simple guidelines, vintage can look good on almost anyone.
When trying to achieve the ‘vintage’ look, do:
  • Shop around for beautiful pieces. Like in any shop, there will be some amazing finds, but that’s the point – you have to find them! Hunt around and leave no stone unturned in the often-crowded vintage shops.
  • Team vintage finds with modern pieces. A retro twist on a 21st century outfit can often look ten times more effective than an all-vintage look.
  • Wear what suits you – you wouldn’t go into the TopShop changing rooms and buy something that didn't fit or suit you, so why do it with vintage? And believe me, people do!
  • Make sure you’re not getting ripped off. A friend of mine was once asked for over £100 for a vintage coat that looked  neither particularly old nor expensive. You can’t always be completely sure of an item’s origin, but common sense should tell you if something is worth its price.
On the other hand, make sure you don’t:
  • Adorn yourself from head to toe with the first few items you spy in the first vintage shop you go into. I’ve seen this happen with various girls around the University campus and it just doesn’t work.
  • Be afraid to try a different kind of vintage. The ‘fashionable’ vintage at the moment appears to be centred around ‘boho’ trends – I personally much prefer tailored 50s style clothing, a la Dita Von Teese. If you can pull off the subtle drawn-on beauty spot too, go for it! I have done in the past, and felt very glamorous (although save it for occasions, it doesn’t quite have the same effect if you’re just nipping to Tesco)
  • Spend a lot on anything that looks like it’s going to fall apart at the first wash (and yes, students DO wash their clothes thank you very much!). A lot of vintage clothing has small imperfections, which are to be expected. But make sure you inspect items for larger flaws before splashing out; it’s a cliché, but moth-eaten cardigans do not look brilliant.
My final point is to make sure you achieve one thing; a fun, different look that not only suits you but makes you feel good. Whatever you do, don’t follow the trend because you feel you have to; if you don’t like vintage, steer away! You wouldn’t wear a brand new piece of clothing if it didn’t suit you, so don’t do the same with vintage clothing. And make sure you don’t forget accessories – vintage accessories to accompany a modern outfit can be stunning.
Stay creative,
Chyaz xox

Monday, 21 February 2011

Spring Fashion Rant

I hate to begin my blogging adventure with a generally negative post, but those who follow me on Twitter will be aware of my current despair at the state of the UK high street. Spring trends this year have, so far, been nothing short of terrible and aren’t showing any signs of improving.

So, where do I begin? Ah yes. Floral prints. On Thursday evening, after a trek around Leeds city centre, I was tempted to write an email – “Dear TopShop/River Island/Primark, if I wanted to look like a flower arrangement I would go clothes shopping at a florist’s”. I swear, there was so much floral print clinging to the rails that it nearly gave me a hayfever attack. I honestly believe that floral print is an acquired taste, and I for one definitely do not possess it. My frustration was mainly due to the fact that we seemed to have no CHOICE in the matter – wear floral or go naked. Cover your eyes girls; I know what I’d rather do.

This leads me on to another trend that I would rather be seen in my birthday suit than – vintage-inspired drabbery. I’m talking mustard coloured chiffon shirts, brown knee-length skirts and thick grey cotton stockings. Would someone pay £40 an item from TopShop for these? Yes. Would they nip down to Help The Aged and get practically the same thing for £3.99? Not a chance. I rest my case.

So being ever-aware of the length of things (oo-er!) I will round up my thoughts on a more positive note. Band print tees are making a little comeback, and in gorgeous charcoal and stone-grey shades too. H&M have a cracking range at the moment. However, I do have a plea – don’t wear a band tee if you’re not a fan of the band. It will help to avoid those awkward “oh, so what’s your favourite song of theirs?” question.

Don’t forget to click the ‘follow’ button for more as it comes!

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox

Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Little (But Warm) Welcome..

Hello one and all! After numerous (as in hundreds) of requests for me to start a blog, I have at last created an account and am beginning to write. Funnily enough, although many of you will come here after being directed from my YouTube channel (, my background is actually in writing. I have written my entire life, from short stories to poetry and then to being editor of my college's newspaper until 2009. It's good to be back!

So what can you expect from this blog? Well, first of all a soon-to-be-improved layout, as I haven't had time to play around enough yet. But in all seriousness (or as serious as I can get, which isn't very) this will be a predominantly beauty, style and fashion related blog. And believe me, those headings could end up including anything!

So I'm still figuring out how this all works. I usually ask people to 'comment, rate and subscribe' at the end of my videos, but who knows if that works here? Any feedback and help would be appreciated.

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox
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