Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Little (But Warm) Welcome..

Hello one and all! After numerous (as in hundreds) of requests for me to start a blog, I have at last created an account and am beginning to write. Funnily enough, although many of you will come here after being directed from my YouTube channel (, my background is actually in writing. I have written my entire life, from short stories to poetry and then to being editor of my college's newspaper until 2009. It's good to be back!

So what can you expect from this blog? Well, first of all a soon-to-be-improved layout, as I haven't had time to play around enough yet. But in all seriousness (or as serious as I can get, which isn't very) this will be a predominantly beauty, style and fashion related blog. And believe me, those headings could end up including anything!

So I'm still figuring out how this all works. I usually ask people to 'comment, rate and subscribe' at the end of my videos, but who knows if that works here? Any feedback and help would be appreciated.

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox


  1. I always watch your videos on youtube. They are very inspiring. Thank you so much.

    Greeting from Thailand :)

  2. How nice that you have a blog now, and since you're from England, I have a question for you. In two days, I'm going to London with school, and we'll have a little bit of free time to shop. Are there any shops (in Oxford Street) you recommend, or budget beauty brands I should try out? Please let me know, 'caus we'll only get a few hours to shop, and I'd love to make the best out of it! :) Love, Sarah

  3. I'm so glad you finally started a blog, and while on the subject of "comment, rate, subscribe" in regards to blogging, it'd be "comment and follow" :P

    You're friggin amazing though, I love your tutorials on YouTube, you'll know me from there as KairiRikuSora93 or SharazorRose, and on Facebook as Sharayah Wilkch-Bergroth.

    You and Avril Lavigne were my inspiration to dye a bit of my hair pink, and I'm getting bright green in it soon. I have black hair though, and at the moment it's my goal to have hair just like Avril's, but with the main colour as black instead of blonde.

    Anyways, welcome to Blogger, enjoy :D

  4. wheredoIgowhenthere'snoroadtoyourheart? - Thank you! And I would recommend going to places like New Look for clothes shopping, it's my favourite high street store and so affordable! Beauty wise, Superdrug has great brands like Barry M and MUA which are affordable and awesome! Have fun!

    Rayven Revenge - Thank you for the tips! And thank you for what you said, you're so lovely :) good luck with your hair!! x

  5. Good luck with the blog! XOXO

  6. Nice one! I'll be looking forward for new posts =)


  7. Hi and welcome to Blogspot, I started one a while back also, thought I had better enter this world of blogging and get used to it, you do so well on you tube so no reason why you wouldn't do well here too, I will be checking back in thats for sure.

  8. yes! following! ;) love ur videos Chyaz! abrazos from PUERTO RICO ;D

  9. Welcome!

    I got here from Lipglossiping's retweet. Look forward to seeing your posts and I'll be checking out your YouTube channel. Can you tell I'm supposed to be doing uni work right now?

  10. So fun that you have a blog now, welcome to the blogging world :D

    I have a blog too by the way :) Always welcome to check it out :D

    Have fun blogging Chyaz! :D



  11. Hey! I follow u on youtube, but I only want to tell u that I admire u! Ur make up tutorials are awsome, and very useful! keep on like this!!!!! ^^

  12. Thank you everyone! :) I really appreciate you commenting and following, your support means a lot xx

  13. I have a question about how you are going to do things on the blog. Like for the fashion/makeup/beauty would you just be giving tips about them? Like what brands and what stores usually sell them for cheaper? or are you going to be posting pictures of outfits you think a pretty and explaining about the outfit?


  14. Hi Rose! I'm going to be doing all sorts of things - reviews, tips, pictures, outfits of the day, even just blogs about my thoughts on certain beauty/fashion-related things! x

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  16. Hey, I'm following you now Chyaz! This is Ollie from YT btw.. awesome that you made a blog! Can you follow mine? Ollie xx


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