Monday, 21 February 2011

Spring Fashion Rant

I hate to begin my blogging adventure with a generally negative post, but those who follow me on Twitter will be aware of my current despair at the state of the UK high street. Spring trends this year have, so far, been nothing short of terrible and aren’t showing any signs of improving.

So, where do I begin? Ah yes. Floral prints. On Thursday evening, after a trek around Leeds city centre, I was tempted to write an email – “Dear TopShop/River Island/Primark, if I wanted to look like a flower arrangement I would go clothes shopping at a florist’s”. I swear, there was so much floral print clinging to the rails that it nearly gave me a hayfever attack. I honestly believe that floral print is an acquired taste, and I for one definitely do not possess it. My frustration was mainly due to the fact that we seemed to have no CHOICE in the matter – wear floral or go naked. Cover your eyes girls; I know what I’d rather do.

This leads me on to another trend that I would rather be seen in my birthday suit than – vintage-inspired drabbery. I’m talking mustard coloured chiffon shirts, brown knee-length skirts and thick grey cotton stockings. Would someone pay £40 an item from TopShop for these? Yes. Would they nip down to Help The Aged and get practically the same thing for £3.99? Not a chance. I rest my case.

So being ever-aware of the length of things (oo-er!) I will round up my thoughts on a more positive note. Band print tees are making a little comeback, and in gorgeous charcoal and stone-grey shades too. H&M have a cracking range at the moment. However, I do have a plea – don’t wear a band tee if you’re not a fan of the band. It will help to avoid those awkward “oh, so what’s your favourite song of theirs?” question.

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  1. This post was great to read! :) You write so well! :) And I wouldn't take a band t-shirt if I didn't like the artist or if I wouldn't be a fan of the artist anyway ;)

  2. Jajaja eso mismo pensé yo a finales del año pasado, acá en Argentina, se pusieron de moda también las flores y no existía prenda de vestir que no tenga esas flores!!!!! yo, pasé de comprar alguna prenda así y preferí ir vestida de forma clásica jejeje. Me gustó mucho tu nota, realmente no me costó mucho entenderla y eso suma diez puntos :D Saludos!!!!!

  3. I have a couple of floral print items, but it's more spaced out floral instead of that really busy, tiny print kind. I hate that! I will admit that one of the floral dresses I have I bought only because the bottom was too cute -- layered ruffles. I'm really tired of the ugly vintage clothes too... they just don't look flattering. On anyone.

  4. i work with selling shoes and I'm dead tired of the floral print too, it's everywhere. Floral printed shoes all over the place. ugh

  5. Floral print can go and burn in hell. Sometimes, in a small amount, it's pretty. But you get sick of it really fast.
    And mustard coloured shirts, skirts, hats and stockings - no thanks. I Hate mustard.

  6. I never ever wear floral prints, or vintage style stuff, so unfortunately I have to rely on internet shopping for all my clothes - though now I might try H&M.
    Good job on your first blog post :)

  7. Thank you all so much for your fabulous comments! I appreciate them so much :) xxx

  8. Thank you! i was thinking of the same thing actually!!! all you see is floral prints and "vintage" nowadays and was wondering if there is actually something wrong with me for not liking those!! ;)
    H&M band t-shirts are pretty awesome tho!!

  9. I like the way you look, because you're a bit simmilar to Avril Lavigne and to Alicia Banit. :D And I like you..
    You don't have to, but I would like if you check out my blog. Please tell me what I could chance, so that it's a better one. And can you give me some tips, how I can make my blog more known??
    I don't know if you'll like it. But I hope so. ;)
    xoxo Melanie

  10. Floral prints are just disgusting, they may be okay for bags and stuff, maybe headbands, but not as clothes. Band tees are really big at the moment within my generation, as most of the people I hang out with are rockers. Though I do agree with your comment that if you're going to wear a band tee, make sure you wear one of a band you actually know. I refuse to buy tees of bands I've only heard maybe one song from. I've noticed a weird trend happening within the more... I guess "socially accepted" girls of my generation, the ones who don't like rock. They seem to be wearing these white tops that look like they just bought a big piece of white fabric and cut a hole in the middle of for their heads to go through, and then tiny short shorts that hardly cover anything. It saddens me when I see girls that hardly wear anything complaining about unwanted attention. I might sound a little full of myself here, but more girls need to be like me, I mostly cover up, I don't usually like showing my legs off in public, only cuz I have scarring from mozzie bites, if I do, I tend to wear stockings or leggings under my skirts, and I'm not a fan of shorts. I don't mind showing my arms though, but yeah, basically, girls need to be aware that if they're going to wear hardly anything, they're going to recieve unwanted attention. Now I'm gonna go cuz I'm just rambling haha.

  11. I totally disagree with the 'vintage drab' comment. If you look on my blog on here I have done a set that includes a mustard coloures chiffon blouse and a brown knee length skirt, [both from topshop], and with the right accessories, they look fabulous! I can't help but think that maybe you saw this set and then made the comment :S I hope you didn't, but fashion is very subjective, so it's fine to have different views. I'm with you on the florals though! :) x

  12. Hahaha this post has made me chuckle your sense of humour is soo funny.
    I know right the highstreet has totally gone 'meh' regarding fashion especially New look and River Island, two places I expect to be a bit hipster and fresh.
    Although Lately Matalan has been getting quite cute stuff in their Be Beau range :), mainly have bold red tops and jumpsuits in, kinda steering away from the clashing florals
    Yours truly
    Sarah Willoughby


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