Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hair Look of the Day - 24/2/11

I'm not best known for my innovative hair styles (I have had the same blonde curtain of hair since I was 13) however today I was just in the mood to try something a bit different. My usual definition of 'different' when it comes to hair is putting a plain slide in my hair (I'm a maverick, I know). But today I wanted a bow. And not just any bow, but a Dolly Bow.

I first came across this little gem when I was browsing YouTube and came across a video on DollyBowBow (Kate)'s channel on YouTube. She makes and sells various pretty things, and one happened to be this delectable little item. I actually bought it a couple of months ago but it hasn't really found its way onto my head until relatively recently. Essentially, it is a length of thick wire inside a pouch of material (leopard print in this case) which you can bend and shape around your head and into a bow. I've normally worn it with my hair in a bun, but today I let my locks flow free (and wild).

I believe they're currently out of stock, but if you would like to buy one of these beauties, check out Kate's site: DOLLY BOW BOW - it states that there are more arriving early 2011 so keep checking back.

Stay creative,

Chyaz xox


  1. Aw, cute bow! And one more thing, i L O V E you hair!
    I hate myself for cutting my curtain very short. Now i have to grow it out again!

  2. i have the same problem natalie i was watching a movie on youtube about how to make your hair thin and well the movie said use a razor and just take out parts u dont want so i took out the front of my hair and now the front of my hair is shorter than the rest (it sucks now because when ever i want to do a hairstyle like straightening my hair it always looks wrong)


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